Green Lawn Alternatives For States Facing Drought

As it stands there are 8 states with incredibly high drought percentages. Oregon and Washington are at the top of the list as they battle a lack of water in virtually every area. In 2015 it saw the level of extreme drought reach 67% in Oregon, while Washington peaked at 68%. These states are joined at the top by California, Nevada and Idaho.

In such dramatic circumstances the garden isn’t much of a priority for obvious reasons. But that doesn’t mean residents within the above mentioned states can’t have attractive yards. With some creative landscaping ideas anything is possible, and this article will bring states that are in drought and green lawn alternatives together.

When there simply isn’t enough water to keep the garden green, the best place to start is by getting plants that don’t really require regular watering. Cactus plants will probably be your first guess, because if arranged correctly it can look amazing and they only need to be watered once a month.

As for the native plants option, it basically means using plants that thrive in the harsh environment. Just a stroll through some natural areas will give you a good idea of plants that can possibly work for your garden. Now, combining native plants, or even the cactus garden, with a stone or gravel covering can produce a very attractive display.

Not everyone appreciates the modern rock garden, even though it can look very appealing. But how can you effectively replace grass with a low-maintenance alternative? The answer comes in natural ground covers such as moss, elfin thyme and mountain valley growers. Apart from the refreshing display they provide, they maintain the natural feel associated with lush green grass. The best part is that they need very little help from you.

For homeowners who can’t let go of the green grass, you can always opt for an artificial lawn. They look exactly like the real thing, and they don’t require anything other than a good cleaning once every month or so. In states with such drought extremes, it’s a very environmentally friendly choice to make. When they are installed the seams are skillfully covered, making it impossible to spot, and you’ll have a green lawn all year round.

The beauty of your garden is only limited by your imagination, even when there are water restrictions involved. Don’t be scared to think outside the box and experiment with what you have.

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