About Us

The East Toronto Climate Action Group is a group of citizens who are interested in issues relating to climate change as it impacts the City and particularly East Toronto .

The Problems:

1. over 1,000 Torontonians die each year from effects of poor air quality, according to the Medical Officer of Health

2. in 2005 Toronto had 48 Smog Alert days

3. the incidence of asthma & respiratory disease is rising dramatically

4. there has been a dramatic escalation in climate change5. environmental degradation is occuring world wide

Toronto Skyline

The Solutions We’re Encouraging:

1. the full implementation of the Kyoto Protocol

2. improving energy efficiency of homes, businesses & public buildings

3. the enhancement/prioritizing of public rapid-transit systems for the GTA

4. closing coal-fired & nuclear electrical generating stations and their replacement with green, renewable alternatives and conservation

5. the greening of the city to increase natural and unpaved areas

6. the expansion of bike lanes and paths

7. the participation of Toronto school in the EcoSchools program

Other Ativities:

1. lobbying and meeting with all levels of government

2. holding public information meetings on environmental issues such as energy conservation and solar power

3. encouraging recycling/composting/planting programs

4. encouraging idling by-law enforcement and compliance

5. tree planting to enhance & increase natural areas

6. distributing environmental information at fairs & public events

7. distributing candidates’ environmental postitions during election campaigns

8. involving schools in composting, recycling and other environmental activities

9. co-organizer of the Pledge TO Green event at Toronto City Hall.