Starting in 2006, city leaders in Toronto “Pledged to Go Green” with an historic initiative to cut carbon emissions throughout the city. 

The organizing committee of Pledge TO Green, the groups Post Carbon Toronto, East Toronto Climate Action Group and EvolutionGreen all wish to thank Mayor Miller and all City Council Candidates for their presence at our event this past Saturday.
As none know better than he the environment is the basis of all the health and wealth with which we fortunate Torontonians are so abundantly blessed. A blessing that today more than ever is at risk from injudicious planning.

By your Pledge TO Green you have helped to give hope to some of the many who have laboured so hard for so long to bring this inescapable verity to light. A light that flickers still but perilously amidst an ever increasing storm. A light that he like we knows can no longer protect itself solely via its own resources from our relentless onslaught. A light that must now be actively sheltered by a communal effort from humankind. Or at least it must be if its memory and its promise is to be more than mere salving words that our bards and poets spread like faery dust so as to hide from ourselves and our children the horror and despair we feel at having dealt irremediable wounds to our very own Mother.

Yours Sincerely,

The organizing committee of Pledge To Green

Committee members:
Chair Anne Langdon, KJel Oslund, Judy Vellend, Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu, Andrew Knox, Ruxandra Kovacs, Chris Chopik, Randy Park, David Elfstrom, Matt Livengood, Deborah Knight, Rose Kudlac, Jeff Berg.

Special Thanks to some of our volunteer contributors as well, some of which were not Toronto locals but which believed in our cause and lended valuable help, legal advice, and sometimes monetary contributions.